Auto locksmiths are quite different from locksmiths who are involved in handling home and office security projects. The tools auto locksmiths are using also vary in comparison to others. Some of the most common tools auto locksmiths are using include torsion wrench tool, Allen wrench tool, long narrow z shape metal wire, screwdriver, wedge system, etc. For lock picking operations they mostly use Allen wrench and torsion wrench tool and during locked out situations wedge system functions well in a highly efficient manner. The wedge system works well in an emergency where the locksmith has to open the door in the less possible period. Locksmith Marietta GA is best in using modern tools and equipment for achieving the hundred percent results. The automotive sector is also considered as one of the most security-sensitive sectors and this is the reason that nowadays auto locksmiths are doing their best by using appropriate tools and components.