Lever Handle Lock from Locksmith

The various types of locks introduced by locksmith columbus are deadbolt lock, padlock, rim/ mortise lock, knob lock, and lever handle lock. Lever handle lock is the only lock that can be acceptable by all sectors that are residential, commercial, and automotive. This type of lock is primarily used in the offices from almost ten years back. It is stylish and much secure not for all situations but still has much importance.

This system requires two parts fitted on the same frame one is a rotating lever and the other is keyhole lock. Lever handle lock is a double cylinder in which key is used from both sides and the lever is also located one in outside and the other is inside. After rotating the key clockwise, it is compulsory to push the lever only after that you will be able to access the door easily.

The action of a key-based lock is primary. This thing can be used when you went out for a long duration of time and for temporary security lever handle lock work very well.

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