As per the locksmithing practices are concerned key-related services are also covered within it. In key-related actions, key cutting services are mainly done by locksmiths. Locksmith experts are mainly known for performing two kinds of actions in the category of key cutting first is the key replication process and the second one is the key copying. Both hold minute to a major dissimilarity in terms of operation. Like for key copying process locksmith produce numerous keys in the form of duplicate keys by scanning the design of the original keys. It is a simple procedure with the help of a machine within five to ten minutes multiple keys are easily prepared. On the other side,the key replication process is quite complex in this case locksmith has to design a duplicate key without having an original key for reference. It is a pretty lengthy process and only professional locksmiths are proficient to do so. Locksmith NJ is a professional locksmith known for handling lock key exact projects.